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Resolute Pain Solutions at 10244 U.S. 1 in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Resolute Pain Solutions is healthcare, which located in Florida. They address is 10244 U.S. 1.
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Phone: +1 772-337-7676


10244 U.S. 1,
Port St. Lucie, Florida
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Customer Reviews about Resolute Pain Solutions

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    I went there like 8 years ago for 3 years they were very good then but towards the end before I left they were geting very bad and strict. They were cutting away all the good medicine to help with pain they were having all there patients get off certain meds and switch to different meds. They will only give certain meds now period. They will only give extended release medication or medicine with Tylenol. They won't give anxiety medication no matter what. They don't care if u been on let's say 30mg oxycodone or dilaudid or oxy cotton or methadone for 10 years they will not give it period no if and or buts. Only morphine er opana er fentynal patches and PERCOCET,and Vicodin. Nothing else will be dispensed no matter the situation and I know this f4om experience of going there knowing people that go there and seeing people go there. When pains meds came under attack they got very tight. Doing random pill counts calling u in during the month to count your meds. Having urkkne screens every 2 months making people see psychiatrists. All kinds of crap this Is the worst pain place to go to hands down... stay away from this place it's a joke and very bad pain specialists. For example if your prescribed let's say oxycoton for 20 years and never gone up on meds never had a problem and your doctor got old and retired so u got transferred to that doctor office and they said sorry u don't need to be on that medicine it makes u in more pain or it ai t good for u it don't work. Umm who the hell are u the last dr had me on it for 20 yrs and it worked very well no complaints. But u want to put me on a different med cause why. Because people in florida are drug addicts and screwed it up for everyone. This doctor office is very bad and only care about the bottom line money period patients are not cared for period. Also by the way like I said I went there for 3 yrs and I left on my own cause I seen the way this place was being changed and it got way worse since I left everyone I knew or met there no longer go there because of the place is being ran like a joke.
    May 16, 2018
    by Rob
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    I have never ever written a negative review about anything but this is healthcare and is very important! I called 5 days after an epidural with severe back and leg pain, so severe I could not walk and was told by the nurse to go to the ER for an x-ray? NOT....I'll have the Dr. call you OR come in let's take a look or talk OR I'll fax a referral for an x-ray to check...just go to the ER. NEVER going back they don't care! It's 2 weeks after the epidural and I still can not walk! Have an appointment with another Dr.......... NO pain solutions at Resolute!
    March 31, 2017
    by Helene Phillips
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    Some of the staff members are not knowledgeable nor professional under this new management operation. On another note, Dr. Alvarez, is a great and precise doctor.
    March 23, 2017
    by Angela Reed
  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    This is got to be one of the worst excuses for a doctor's office that has ever existed. The practice name is a complete fake, they are not interested in helping anybody with pain solutions. They made us wait 15 days for an appointment, they were provided all of the medical records ahead of time, we get into the appointment and they say that they can't help. It apparently is beyond their "scope of practice" to actually help a patient resolve their pain. The doctor was rude, the staff was apologetic, but appeared to have no clue whatsoever that their mismanagement of this appointment from the very beginning is what caused us to waste our time. Now the patient is out of medication, and has to wait for yet another doctor's appointment. Do not waste your time.
    March 17, 2017
    by Allison Kern
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Resolute Pain Solutions is located at 10244 U.S. 1, Port St. Lucie, Florida.